360 Degree Feedback

Strategic Talent Management
The Company Psychologist Nashville, TN

In order for people to be successful in their jobs, they need feedback regarding their performance. Feedback can take many forms, from informal one-on-one discussions to formal performance appraisals.

One very effective feedback mechanism is the 360 degree feedback process. This process is a systematic way to assess the performance of an individual by obtaining feedback from that individual’s managers, peers, direct reports, and the individual himself/herself. In some cases, customers or vendors are also included in the feedback process.

The 360 degree feedback questionnaires are specifically tailored to address the behaviors, attitudes, and personality characteristics of your organization. Thus, the individual knows when he or she is performing above expectations, below expectations, or in line with expectations. When provided with this information, the individual, along with The Company Psychologist and appropriate coworkers, can develop a plan for meeting or exceeding performance expectations in all relevant areas. The individual does not feel that he or she is a bad employee, but rather that he or she should focus on specific behaviors in order to meet the expectations of others and himself or herself.

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