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As a partner in a private investment partnership with $1.5 billion of committed capital, I spend a decent amount of my time imagining what a business could become, identifying the capability and skill gaps which historically have kept it from reaching its potential, and recruiting talent to fill those gaps. To a large degree, the success of our investments depends on putting the proper person in each key position. Assembling the best team can create a lot of value. A mentor of mine once compared hiring people to hitting a baseball – if you consistently hit .300, you end up in the Hall of Fame. Because assessing a person accurately in an interview is difficult to do, nobody’s right all the time. We’ve found that utilizing a full suite of analytically rigorous assessments improves our recruiting process by helping us make the right choice a higher percentage of the time. As importantly, we avoid the costly hiring mistakes that preclude or delay improved financial performance. Compared to other people we’ve worked with who can administer the same tests, Angelo Valenti’s different. Whenever we call, he responds immediately. He really listens to us, developing a fine-tuned sense of what we need. Angelo’s insights into people, and how to combine them into teams, are deep, accurate and truly additive. While others might think they always know the right answer, Angelo understands how to use his tests and observations appropriately to support our judgements, so that his point of view helps us make the best decisions we can. Angelo has been an integral part of our appraisal process for the past 20 years.
Bob Kelly
Partner, Tinicum, Inc.
Angelo is a great resource. He assisted me with the proper selection of new team members. He introduced me to various talent assessments and interview techniques. These have proved essential to my successful hiring record. Angelo shared his knowledge freely and I consider him a gifted psychologist.
Keith Lumby
General Manager, Norwood Waterworks
Guillevin International has been working with Dr. Valenti for over seven years. His candidate assessment is a critical component of our hiring process. Dr. Valenti understands our culture and efficiently guides hiring managers in selecting the right candidates from entry-level positions to upper management. The assessment reports are detailed, user-friendly and they are an excellent resource for hiring, management and coaching of our new employees. I believe that Dr. Valenti will continue to be a key contributor in building our winning team.
Luc Rodier
President and Chief Executive Officer, Guillevin International
My company has been a client of The Company Psychologist for the past 15 years. I have used Dr. Angelo Valenti to help screen potential candidates for key positions within my company. Dr. Valenti has been a great source of information and has been extremely helpful to my company in helping me match applicants with our job openings. He has a wide variety of assessment tools that he uses when screening candidates, and following each candidate screening, I get a detailed written report spelling out a candidate's strengths and weaknesses, as they relate to my job openings. It is a great strategical advantage for my business to have Dr. Valenti consult for my team.
Ron Sohr
President, Educational Concepts International Corporation, (Gateway Academy/Learning Lab)
As the CEO of Prime Health Services, a healthcare company, it is highly important to me that I hire and train the best possible people to be a part of my team. Dr. Valenti has provided me and my staff time and again with excellent in-depth career related psychometric evaluations to help us with our goals. Also, I appreciate the quick turn-around time provided to us, as It helps with our internal needs. Dr. Valenti is the best, and we will continue to use his services now and in the future.
Brian Sharp
CEO/President, Prime Health Services, Inc.
After buying the business it was important to understand what inherited talent we had embedded in the organization and what gaps existed. To asses our human capital I enlisted the help of Dr. Angelo Valenti. With remarkable speed he conducted executive assessments for nearly 150 employees and did so with a personal touch. His combination of online tools for efficiency and a personal phone interview gave me the insights I needed to make important managerial and executive decisions. Dr. Valenti doesn’t simply evaluate skills, intelligence, and personality; he does so with a keen understanding of the business world and makes practical and accurate recommendations. I highly recommend his services to any CEO for whom people is a key differentiator.
Kevin M. Short
President & CEO, ORS Nasco