What Makes The Company Psychologist Stand Out

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About The Company Psychologist

After receiving his Ph.D. in psychology, our founder Angelo C. Valenti, dedicated himself to helping companies achieve success through people. To help them do so successfully, he founded The Company Psychologist in 1982.

After starting with one client thirty-six years ago, the company has grown to serve organizations across the US, Canada, and Europe. Exposure to global markets has allowed us to fine-tune our methods and create personalized consultancy services for our clients, by recognizing the challenges and opportunities that exist within an organization with unique cultures.

Today, we take great pride in being the foremost psychological consulting firm, located in Brentwood, Tennessee, which specializes in assisting organizations to assess internal and external talent during critical hiring and professional development stages.

The Company Psychologist difference

Businesses place a high value on their people and understand that hiring mistakes can prove to be financially costly. They can also disrupt the organization’s culture and relationships with their customers.

To prevent mistakes like these, The Company Psychologist bridges the gap for our clients based on our commitment to a strategic approach in identifying the right traits when hiring talent and developing these individuals in an organization.

After gaining an understanding of an organization’s mission, vision, and values, we assess the strengths and weaknesses. We can then assist decision makers in assuring that the right people are in the right place, doing the right things, at the right time, and for the right reasons.

Our expertise in talent assessment, organizational development, and leadership coaching are unmatched and have propelled us to the top of the industry. As a result, we have had the privilege to work with businesses in industries such as insurance, retail, manufacturing, financial services, industrial distribution, healthcare, supply chain management, and publishing.

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